As many McFans know, SPLICE: HIT BIT TECHNOLOGY is destined to be a movie. I was hired to write a script by Â©Watchdog Entertainment® before I wrote the book. They didn’t do that to kill some time. They did that to make a movie. And, now, as the world slowly gets back to normal, they can begin ascertaining viable options. There are people who write me weekly asking about the status. While annoying as hell, it’s also flattering. They’ve read it, loved it, and want more.

In December an agency reached out to me to discuss optioning out some of my work to a film production company. After some healthy back and forth, and a few fun international Zoom calls, we have decided to move forward with The Brittle Riders. Specifically, the Omnibus edition. Or, the thousand page doorstop version. Which, by the way, you’ll be able to purchase as a paperback starting next week.

As anyone who’s been in the entertainment industry knows, an initial option is slightly less binding than a pick up line at three A.M. in a bar. That said, there are some reasons for hope. First, unlike many agencies I’m encountered, they aren’t hoovering up content at random. They have a small roster, all in various stages of development. Second, I was given free access to that roster so I could discuss my concerns and get a feel for how they were being treated.

Barring someone having too much money and too little sense, this will be targeted at cable TV or a streaming platform. That would work best as some parts of the story are terse, allowing the reader to fill in the details as they please. As one author said, “McCormick says more in twelve words than others do in twelve paragraphs.” So, in the end, you have around a thousand pages of terse prose and that’s all going to need to be unpacked.

Anyway, they are in the process of creating a script. That’s not a job I’d wish on anyone, but they volunteered. When things get a little more concrete I’ll start sharing details. Until then, all I can ask is for you to wish me luck.

Until next week, stay safe, sane, and inside as much as possible. Oh, yeah, wear a mask and get vaxxed.

The Brittle Riders
Bill McSciFi