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Because I appreciate you, today I’m letting you choose between two super cool prizes. If you choose TBR you’ll get a PDF of the Omnibus edition of The Brittle Riders, all 948 pages of it. If, on the other hand, you choose LP then you’ll get a PDF of the trade paperback, an omnibus for comics, of Legends Parallel. 100 pages of joy featuring a photo shoot of Phystee Nicole Brown, the body model for Ms. Oshun in the comics. She’s not nude, but she doesn’t need to be.

This offer is valid only until 5:00 PM (CDT) February 7, 2022. One prize per human.

About The Brittle Riders.

“So, if I get this, you’ve got lesbians, poly amorists, Muslims, sorry Muslim cows, giant Christian cockroaches, and so on, fighting for the betterment of all who live? I’ll never admit this publicly, but I’m glad we’ve got a president who thinks you’ve got the right idea. Great story, kept me buried in it, and I just ordered hard copies for the den. Some day you can sign them. You’re a strange guppy, but you do write like a pro. Semper Fi, crazy stranger.”
– Brig. Gen. R (active duty)

“This is a story where old meets new, where religion meets science in an epic story of what happened ‘after’ our world changed. It is masterfully written with attention to detail and it sympathetically manages to bridge the gap between faith and technology.”
– L. L. Thomsen

About Legends Parallel.

There is much to ponder here in terms of thought-provoking issues of race, sexuality, culture and society’s attitudes to history and relationships.

You want anthropological context and sociological commentary? This has jugs of it.

But, yeah… BOOBS.
– Zak Weber – Sci Fi Comics Nexus

Legends Parallel has a bit of everything in it really; rich tech genius, meta humans with superpowers, and parallel universes. Most, if not all of these, are stand alone themes that can carry a book but McCormick has crafted a story that intertwines all of them together in a way that gives them all meaning to the story yet room to develop all aspects on their own terms. With the presence of a rich tech genius and parallel worlds it’s easy to guess who the hero is and where the bad guys came from but the writing isn’t predictable and the plot is intricate.
– Ian Yarington – Comic Booked Dot Com

You may notice I can delicately blend the scatological and the philosophical. It’s my thing.

With The Brittle Riders now being officially shopped to film and television production companies, and Legends Parallel making a long awaited come back, now seemed like a good time to share.

In, semi-related, good news, last year marked the first time my online store sold enough merch that I needed to pay taxes. I found that stupidly exhilarating. All those people running around advertising McSciFi and I’m getting paid for it. New times call for new paradigms.

So, in summation, reply to this or send an email to info@mcscifibooks.com to claim your prize. You’ve stuck by me for years, you’ve earned it.

BTW, congrats to the Bengals and the Rams for opening the seventh portal of the apocalypse and making it to the Super Bowl. I’m sure Cthulhu won’t even notice.

Until next week, stay safe and sane.

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