The subject line sums up my thoughts completely. I know that not from any one group act, but from the tons of little feats that constantly remind me someone cares about the stuff I create. While heartwarming, it’s also challenging. In a good way.

A year ago today, I took a huge leap of faith and presented The Brittle Riders to a group of film industry professionals to see what they thought my chances were of getting this behemoth turned some form of cinematic entertainment. Just like those fun days back in school, they graded on a scale of zero to one hundred. Then those scores were compiled, averaged, and a total would be shared. When I submitted I was told anything over sixty was considered excellent. And that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. And … lots of stuff like that.

While I was a frazzled ball of sweat the universe said, “Chill, Bill. You got this.” And, when the scores came in I realized the universe was right. That’s the result below.

Bill McSciFi

That result prompted me to start asking around and seeing what it would take to make it real, while keeping in mind it took The Rock ten years to get Black Adam made. And he’s the freaking Rock. The general answer was “more money than (I) have.” But, as time wandered on I made some connections and started making headway. That led to meetings, and those meetings led to tangible results. And those results led to an animation company taking a brief flyer on a pilot. Sadly they didn’t have enough money either so it all reverted back to me. But, that reversion allowed me to talk to real Hollywood producers and related people and, right now, that’s a good place to be.

Every day I learn more, get my presentation package tighter, and there are now people who will take my calls who probably would have called the cops if I’d showed up at their offices before this.

This is better.

Now, Azoth Khem and I find ourselves needing to boost sales to justify the potential investment. Not that we were doing bad, but we’ve got to up our game. So, that’s what we’re going to do. To that end, in the next few weeks if you’re on Facebook or Amazon you should be seeing this fun blurb. This is an early draft, so if you see something we missed, please raise your hand.

Geldish and his brother monks lost their vibrant blue skin and gained incredible powers when they had their flesh peeled off by a lethal toxin unleashed by Xhakanr’s loyal general, Yontar. Geldish spent the last few centuries healing and now feels ready to mete out his revenge. His brothers, however, want to wait another century or so.

Feeling he had no other options, Geldish enlisted the aid of four fringe dwellers to help him bring the residents of the plains together to fight and kill, Xhaknar. But first, they must draw him out of his impenetrable fortress, Anapsida. To accomplish that, they begin a series of ever-growing raids concentrating on hurting Xhaknar where he’s most vulnerable, his money. Using his paranoia as a weapon against him and his troops for target practice, The Brittle Riders slowly begin to make Geldish’s mad plan come to life.

Set a thousand years after creations were made to fulfill roles of menial laborers, sex slaves, and shock troops — who eventually rose up and killed every man, woman, and child on the planet; The Brittle Riders is a ferocious thrill ride through the debris of human hubris. A dark satire presented in a violent burlesque designed to make you think while you laugh and cringe.

Apocalypses are funny that way.

Stay safe and sane. I’ll see you next week.

Bill McSciFi