This has to be the most hotly anticipated anthology I’ve ever been involved with. Despite, or maybe because of, innumerable delays, I still got an email or two every week asking “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FUCKENING?”

Speaking not as an author, but as an avid reader, I can tell you this anthology was worth the wait. There is not a drop of wasted ink. Every word rings true. Do yourself, and the universe, a favor and CLICK HERE to get your copy.

Words cannot describe this book since the book already used the good ones. “The Fuckening” is finding out, thanks to some idiot at the train depot, your plans of world domination are in ruins and the police would very much like a word.

My contribution, THE WRITER’S STUFF, takes a look at the adventures of Layla le’Lips and Thor Liebenhammer as they try to wrest some control of their world all while Thor admires Layla’s incredible ass.

There is also a fun attempted murder. As all attempted murders should be. And, it has a goat.

It may also be the only thing you ever read where “(she) bounced boobily…” makes sense and isn’t offensive.

The Fuckening is brought to you by the same maniacs who publish Sci-Fi Lampoon every three months. Like it, The Fuckening is wild, irreverent, occasionally offensive, and more fun than a barrel of horny jellyfish.

I think that’s enough excitement for one day. Click the links, buy stuff, be a better human and, until next week, stay safe and sane.

Bill McSciFi

Bill McSciFi